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Services  Osalina is available for Herbal and Nutritional Counseling or for Setting Healthy Lifestyle Goals for the New Year and or weight loss. If you would like a session - fill out the form on the Contact Us page. Write a brief history of your health concerns and life goals and any medications you may be on and the best time for a session. We will then schedule an appointment and you can make your payments on pay pal by purchasing a session with Osalina for 20 - 60 minutes. Each session includes recipes and charts related to that session that will also be emailed to you directly. 


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Nutritional/Weight Loss & Life Goal Sessions


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The Holistic Medicine Chart Book 

The Holistic Medicine Chart Book is a Book with over 100 pages of Holistic Medicine Charts for teaching Holistic Health. Nearly 50 pages are charts showing specific amounts of nutrients from A Vitamins to Zinc and all the Basic Amino Acids in over 100 fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Spices and Seeds. There are Charts on over 150 Nutrients and their Benefits. There are also Charts on Nutrient Remedies from Abscesses - Zygomycosis, Charts on over 180 Medicinal Properties of Foods and Herbs covering around 500 foods and herbs, 5 Element Charts, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower, Gem and Music Therapy, Anatomy of Organs, Glands and Systems, Weight Loss and Calorie Charts and more covering a wide variety of subjects for a complete course in Holistic Health for Doctors, Health Professionals and everyday people. 

The Alchemy of the 5 Elements – Course 1: The Legend of the Beet Brothers

This Book is the first of a series in Holistic Health to teach Alchemy and the basics of The 5 Elements and the 5 Senses. It includes a series of imaginative stories called "The Legend of the Beet Brothers" as they first study in the College of Alchemy for Plants to learn how to heal humans. In this Alchemy College they learn the history of Alchemy and study with the Elemental Guardians to learn about the 5 Elements and the organs, glands, systems, senses and emotions related to each element. 

They also learn which foods and herbs bring balance to these systems and the 5 tastes and sense related to each element. Next they learn from the Nature Spirits about 4 of the other of the 5 Senses in healing. This story teaches Aroma Therapy, Textures and Temperatures affects in healing, Sound and Music Therapy and Color and Shapes as applied to healing. 

This Course includes charts on all of these elements and senses, poems, a puzzle, quiz and many recipes for delicious dishes, natural homemade body and household cleaning products, science projects, toys and fun things to make from from all natural foods and plants. After the Beet Brothers Graduate there are 12 more Courses to study from as we follow the adventures of the Beet Brothers in the "Alchemy of Foods and Herbs" to learn from over 500 plants their healing benefits throughout the 15 courses. 

The Alchemy of Foods and Herbs: Course 2  - The Legend of the Beet Brothers : This book goes from Abbie Abuta to Beezy the Bee Pollen Queen in the Legend of the Beet Brothers" and is part of a 15 course series of stories on the Beet Brothers. After the Beet Brothers graduate from The College of Alchemy they begin their travels around the world starting with  Abbie Abuta to Beezy the Bee Pollen Queen" interviewing plants and trees for this continuing series. This course covers 55 trees or plants including acidophilus and bee pollen. 

This book is full of story, poetry, humor, history, geography and holistic healing sciences about each plant. It also includes many culinary and medicinal recipes as well as how to make body care products, household and garden things, and toys and fun things using the plants or trees of each course. It even includes numerous charts. The Charts are on the chemistry of herbs and foods from Acetates to Zinc with over 300 chemical constituents uses and herbs or foods containing them. Charts on herbal properties from Absorbent to Zymotic, and Medicinal Uses from Abscesses to Zygomycosis. It also includes 5 Element Charts, Bach Flower Charts and Charts on Ayurveda, puzzles, quizzes and more. This is part of a series with 13 more courses to come in this 15 course series, covering over 600 plants and trees. 

The Alchemy of Foods and Herbs: Course 3 - The Legends of the Beet Brothers  This Book goes from Beet the Beetnik to Buckley the Buckwheat covering about 40 herbs and trees.  Each course is in a story version of adventures as they interview each plant and tree with story, humor and poetry. Each course covers recipes of facial and body supplies, household needs, culinary and medicinal recipes and numerous charts on properties from absorbents to zymotics and uses from abscesses to zygomycosis. It also details the chemistry and nutrients within the charts from acetates to zinc covering hundreds of chemical constituents and nutrients in each course, puzzles, quizzes, charts on Ayurveda, 5 elements, Chakra's and more.

Flower Power: Over 1000 Uses for Healing, Home, Food and Fun  This Book  Flower Power is about the healing power of flowers with over 200 flowers including culinary dishes using flowers for breakfast, main meals, deserts, snacks & soups and sauces as well as recipes for medicinal uses. There are even recipes using flowers for all natural body care products, household products, dyes, fun things and more. There are many Charts with the healing benefits of flowers, properties, flowers relationship to Chakra's, Color, Sound, Bach Flowers, Quizzes, Puzzles and many things on Flowers from Alkanet Flowers - Zucchini Blossoms A - Z 

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Look for Osalina's newest book coming in 2019. "Adventures of Lacey Lavender" a children's coloring book on one of Beet the Beetnik"s friend Lacey Lavender about her birth and adventures to save the bees from bullies and protect the environment. Also includes many recipes for lavender and its many healing uses as well as dolls, toys, body care and household products, gardening with Lavender, Flower Power Peace Dolls and more. 



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