Welcome to ABCPeace

Osalina Berman and Michael Cottrell are the co-founders of ABCpeace. The vision for ABCpeace is in the creation of a place where like minded people can come to find healers, counselors and products for health and peace. 

Osalina Berman M. H. offers her services as a Master Herbalist for Herbal Nutritional Counseling. 

Osalina's Holistic Medicine Charts and books provide educational materials that facilitate personal and planetary healing and inspires peace on Earth.

Osalina's most currant Books available for purchase are  The Holistic Medicine Chart Book"   and a series of courses starting with Course 1: The Alchemy of the 5 Elements "The Legend of the Beet Brothers" and "The Alchemy of Foods and Herbs - Course 2: The Legend of the Beet Brothers". this Course Covers Herbs from Abbie the Abuta to Beezy the Bee Pollen Queen in the Legend of the Beet Brothers 15 Course series as the Beet Brothers travel the Earth interviewing plants and trees for their history and many uses and explore ways in which all living beings help each other heal.  

So far there are 3 Courses in this series published including the "The Alchemy of Foods and Herbs"; Course 3: The Legend of the Beet Brother: Beet the Beetnik - Buckley the Buckwheat and Osalina has written another book exclusively on flowers called Flower Power: Over 1000 uses for Healing, Home, Food & Fun This book is all about the many healing properties and uses of Flowers. 

If you are interested in Ayurvedic Herbs go to Maharishi Ayurveda.

As a team Osalina and Michael have both worked in the healing arts as well as the creative arts for over 30 years networking with other like minded artist and healers. At ABCpeace you will find a wide range of artist, musicians, educators and healers that will definitely inspire more peace and if looking for a great Sound Man for any movie or television projects go to Lucky Ol Sun and give Michael a call.  

Plants From Around The World

In our Legend of Beet the Beetnik series since we include many plant friends of the Beet Brothers, we will be covering many 100's of exotic as well as common plants, trees, fruits and vegetables from around the world in a unique style of teaching using imagination and poetry to increase memory. Poetry helps access both sides of the brain to access both the reasoning side of the brain and the intuitive part of our brain. This is why we remember nursery rhymes word for word from childhood. 

I also include many alphabetized charts in my books teaching all aspects of the healing arts that one can quickly find information on the chemistry and nutrients of plants, their many uses, properties, etc.. as well as many Holistic Health charts covering many areas of healing. All of these books are filled with numerous exotic recipes for a vegetarian diet and weight loss. If you are a teacher in Holistic Health these books are great to add to your Course study no matter what age you are. 

Children are our Future

I originally founded ABCpeace on 9/1/1999 from concepts developed in a Company I founded in 1985 when my eldest daughter Malina was 2 years old and ask me for a backpack for her doll. I created one for her with an image of a Rainbow and the Earth and it included a message of Peace to remind adults whose planet we are messing with. It was when and why I became inspired to design dolls, toys and books for children that educate them on how to heal our planet and their own bodies and help to create a more peaceful world. 

Now that I am a Grandmother of a 2 year old again, I am reminded of the urgency in healing our Planet. The need for education that actually provides information on how to heal bodies, minds and spirits has never been greater. This will allow our children and grandchildren and opportunity for a healthy and peaceful planet for upcoming generations. 

Currently I am working on a new series of peace dolls called "The Flower Power Peace dolls" and they will be dolls actually actually stuffed with dried flowers that have Linalool as part of the chemical constituents that actually invokes feelings of peace through the olofactory (smell sense) and these toys will go along with my many books on healing for children and adults. Keep coming back to our site to find new product offerings coming up for 2019 and be a part of our vision to help create a healthier and peaceful planet. 

We will be using 10% of our profits towards healing the environment, helping the poor and projects that generate more peace. Our slogan is ABCpeace More peace will B the more peace we C. In other words as individuals the more we act in ways that generate healing and peace, the more we inspire others to do the same. 

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Be the first to hear about new blog posts once we create a new blog or new books and products as they come out. 10% of profits from products will be going to various charities to plant trees, feed the poor, provide clean water, etc... So you can learn about projects you may want to be part of or upcoming courses and events.