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On this page I have included links to mostly all friends whom I personally know, with a few exceptions and all the links are people I feel have extraordinary gifts that also contribute to more Planetary peace  

Children toys and books for peace

 KidsEQ books
This was a wonderful site with brilliant books for children helping them understand and deal with all their emotions to help to create a future generation of peaceful and intelligent human beings. However, I lost contact with the person who started this business, but found a place on Amazon covering this genre of children's books. These books can help bring in meaningful skills in negotiating peace among ourselves and globally. By better understanding how to work with our own emotions from childhood on, we create a generation of people who have greater empathy for others and help to create a more peaceful planet.

Shamanic Healing, Night Chase - Kam Lau - Eagle Medicine
Kam Lau also known as Night Chase is a dear friend I met in 1994 when he and David Carson did Shamanic ceremonies in Maui and stayed in my home. He has always held a special light in my heart as a Shaman of great heart and integrity. One of the most loving person that I have ever met in this life time. He has been a recognized teacher of the Spiritual traditions of the Lakota and a Sun Dance Chief who has done the Sun Dance for over 20 years. He is a direct lineage of a long line of Lakota Chief's and Medicine Men and a Taoist Priest and he has traveled the World bringing his teachings. 

He did a spirit dance channeled from the old ghost dance to bring peace to the world and takes people on Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, Story telling and Taught Chi Gong and Tai Chi. He worked with David Carson who wrote the Medicine Cards Book with Jamie Sams. Earlier this year when I was checking my links and discovered this one was not working I learned he had passed away on October 30th in 2013, It seems the last time we spoke may have been that year. I was so sad to learn of his passing but know he is soaring high with Great Spirit and found a YouTube Video of Eagles soaring to the sound.


David Carson is the co-author of Medicine Cards, The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, the award winning book and card deck that helped establish the current study of animal power. Medicine Cards was published in 1988 and has never been out of print.  Over one million copies of Medicine Cards have sold internationally. David Carson was raised in Oklahoma, and learned animal ways and animal clans from his mother Opal, and his aunts, Agnes, Ruby, Phoebe, all members of the Choctaw tribe of Oklahoma.  

These Native lessons informed his stories and knowledge of animals in Medicine Cards.  David moved to Paris in 1965 to steep in the literary influences of Hemingway and The Paris Review. He lived and wrote in Paris before moving to Montana to live on the Cheyenne and Crow reservations. While in Montana David studied with many legendary tribal elders such as Tom Yellowtail, John Stands In Timber, and Josie Limpy. From Montana David moved to Iowa City to study at the Writer’s Workshop. For more on Shamanic Healing, Books and  Music go to the Medicine Cards Link above. 

Literature, Healers & Channels

Focusing Resources: What is Focusing?
Focusing is a body-centered process you can use to bring clarity and fresh air to all the life issues you face. Based on extensive research into successful personal change, Focusing gives you access to a deep level of knowing, leading to inner transformation you can feel immediately. The Power of Focusing is the culmination of Ann Weiser Cornell's search for a way of teaching Focusing so simple and clear that it would be accessible to anyone, no matter what their background or personal style. Since 1980, Ann has taught hundreds of Seminars on Focusing, all over the world, continually learning from her students and refining her teaching. This book incorporates her latest breakthrough: a way of teaching Focusing without steps, so that the flexibility and flow of the Focusing process is available immediately. Ann is my daughters God Mother and we are co grand mothers to our precious grand daughter Isabelle Her work will uplift and enlighten you, for living life with purpose, direction and peace.

Kevin Ryerson
Kevin Ryerson is quite an amazing Trance Channel Medium and was in a book and movie "Out on a Limb" by Shirley McClaine and even played himself in the movie as a Psychic Channel. I took a number of workshops with Keven in the early 1980's and 1990's and found him to be an amazing human being. 

Walter Semkiw  Return of the Revolutionaries
Walter Semkiw, M.D. asks a startling question in this provocative book: What if key figures in the American Revolution were back with us today, reincarnated in new bodies and personalities, and just as interested in supporting social change and spiritual awakening? Semkiw says it's more than a question. It's a fact. Drawing on the cases of dozens of prominent and influential American cultural and literary figures today, Dr. Semkiw establishes their Revolutionary times identity. Continuities in facial appearance, personal interests, and even writing style are giveaways to linking a present-day figure with someone from the Revolutionary era, he says. For a unique view of History and greater hope for our future, we suggest you read his book on the Return of the Revolutionaries. He also includes a link on his site to my friend Kevin Ryerson who is quite an amazing Trance Channel Medium

Kelly Joyce Neff Books on Past Life, Psychic Experiences
This book by Kelley Joyce Neff propels you on a journey through time, chronicling Martha Jefferson, the former wife of Thomas Jefferson. Told by Kelley as a past life recall, her in-depth knowledge on Jefferson's spouse has remarkably convinced many historians of her validity. She is truly a warm and sincere individual with a heart of gold. This is an awesome time travel adventure that will take you right back to the founding of America. This link should also take you to other books by Kelly Joyce Neff such as her book on "Everyday Life in two Worlds" A Psychic Experience.  .

The Kitchen Medicine Book: Free Book
Kelly also wrote a great book available on the web for free called "The Kitchen Medicine Book" using Honey, Spices and teaching Herbal Lore this is quite an amazing book you can read on line or print yourself with colorful pictures of herbs, honey, etc... and a beautiful picture of herself.

Starhawk: Goddess work & Peace Activism
Starhawk is one of the most respected voices in modern Goddess religion and earth-based spirituality. She is the author or co-author of numerous books, including the classics The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, and together with Hilary Valentine, The Twelve Wild Swans. She is a veteran of progressive movements and deeply committed to bringing the techniques and creative power of spirituality to political activism. She travels internationally teaching magic, the tools of ritual, and the skills of activism. Her latest book, Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising explores these intersections and focuses on ways to heal our environment and use peaceful solutions to solve problems.

Keenintuition: Inspired Books and Healing. Linda Keen is another brilliant author and writer for John Lennon and a wonderful caring friend. In her book, " Across the Universe with John Lennon" (Hampton Roads), she takes you into lands within the borders of heaven and opens the mind and heart to new and infinite possibilities. 

Dr. Michael Tierra 
Dr. Michael Tierra is one of the forerunners of the North American Natural Health Movement. He started studying in 1970 with Norma Meiers and Dr. Christopher in Vancouver Canada and studied with Efrem Korngold, Foon Lee Wong and Mariam Lee in San Francesco in his studies in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. He began his herbal studies while living in a community in 1968 in Klamath National Forest. It was there he learned the wild forest plants and healing ways of the Karok and Yurok Indians. Osalina studied with Michael Tierra in the Garden of Sanjivani along with many teachers in a variety of courses he provided in Holistic Health in 1976  He also studied Ayurvedic Medicine in India and he Co- Founded the American School of Botanical Medicine as well as the East West College of Herbalism with David and Sarah Holland and is one of the few accredited and recognized College's of Herbal Medicine. He also offers Correspondence Courses , has written numerous books, created many herbal formula's as well as co-authored books with his wife Lesley Tierra. 

Dr. Stephen Chang
Dr. Stephen T. Chang was Born and raised in China, and has been familiar with Taoist medicine since he was six years old in a family who has practiced medicine for well over 400 years. Chang's great-grandfather was a physician and professor to the Emperor of China (Tung Tse) and Empress Tse Shi (Ci Xi) as well as the first Chinese ambassador to the United States during the Benjamin Harrison administration (1889-93). His grandmother was a master-physician. Dr. Chang was also Former President of the Chinese Medicine Research Institute in San Francisco, California, as well as Former Vice-President of the Chinese Medical Assoc. in Japan and Founder of The Foundation of Tao in San Francisco, California. Steven's books are used in universities and as hospital texts, He has Formulated numerous remedies including Chinese Herbal Formulas Combinations/Teas, skin lotions and (acupowder). He also holds many degrees in medicine, law, theology and philosophy at many Universities as was as teaches around the world. Dr. Chang has taught and lectured on many asprcts of Taoist medicine. I studied with Stephen in the 80's and 90's when he would come to Maui to give workshops and always found him to be a very brilliant, humble man with a great sense of humor. He has a number of books on Internal Exercises, Chinese Herbal diet, Chinese Sexology and a number of books on the Tao and is a great writer and Teacher.

Dr. John Whitman Ray
Dr. John Whitman Ray was the founder of Body Electronics which has been considered by many to be the most powerful self-healing technique in the world today. He was given many honors, credentials and degrees. His Bachelor of Arts (B.A,) was from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. He majored in Mathematics and Psychology and Certified in Secondary Education. He also taught in the secondary school system for twelve years teaching mathematics, chemistry and physics. He was even a recipient of a National Science Foundation Grant where he taught in Utah. In the 1950's, he developed revolutionary techniques for the correction of sports injuries, which he developed over the years into what is now known as Body Electronics - The Science of Bodily Regeneration. I studied with Dr. John Ray in 1985 and 1986 in which we did Body Electronics in groups with miraculous results, sometimes holding points for hours. The points would become so heated you felt your fingers were on fire and the electrical energy that flowed very powerfully. Often the results produced were instantaneous healings, as well as past memory and past life recall. He also helped me with my peace project that I was working on at the time with his wife Barbara Ray and was dedicated to healing the Earth and making a difference. Unfortunately John passed in 2001, but his legacy and work lives on forever. There are many products on this site from water filters to chelation therapy. ..

William LeSassier M. H.
William LeSassier was another one of my most influential teachers. I took workshops with him on a six week intensive in 1977 in Maui of 12 hours of workshops 7 days a week. It was back to nature camping, rising at 4:00 a.m for meditation, yoga and spiritual practices. Classes in Deep Tissue Massage, Chinese Medicine, Bach Flowers, Color Healing, Aromatherapy, Gem Therapy, Nutrition and Herbology, Reflexology, Facial and Pulse Diagnosis, Kinesiology and a full range of Holistic Alternative techniques. William developed a method of teaching herbs and creating formula's he called the "Triune System"  in which we created formula's using building, cleansing, and balancing herbs centered upon each individual's organs and systems that needed the most healing. 

He first Started his journey as a healer and teacher in the early 70's and he traveled the country and Mexico and the Amazon studying with Native healers and Shaman's of the healing herbs. He became a very renown Herbalist and healer. He continued his teaching and practice until he passed away in 2003, however, fortunately, many of his teachings are available on CD at the link above. While working on finding new links I discovered an interesting site with William about him on a site for :The American Botanical Council" with an Herbal Library, related links, and membership. Go to "American Botanical Council" for a great resource for people interested in Herbs and Natural Healing.

Jason Leen and Jan Klyce
Jason Leen finished the third book in "The Prophet Trilogy" for Kahlil Gibran, called "The Death of a Prophet". The first two books are "The Prophet" and "The Garden of the Prophet". Gibran had written in his private journals that a man would come in the future to bring through the third book of the trilogy, however Jason did not know this when he received "The Death of the Prophet". Jason was truly one of the Mystics of our time. We met in 1990 and he was one of my dearest friends. Sadly Jason left this Earth on May 27th 2011 and he will be greatly missed. Fortunately, his books and his timeless wisdom and inspiration live on and are truly an invaluable way to spend many peace filled hours. Jan Klyce has also been one of my dearest friends since 1990 and the beloved partner of Jason Leen. Jan is the President of J & J Publishing in which she distributes a wonderful Children's Books that Jan and Jason collaborated on with Gary Lund doing the illustrations for a beautiful Book called Andrew's Wish.

Peace at Last and Flower Essences

"Peace at Last" is another book by Jason Leen about the after-death experiences of John Lennon, and the coming changes for the Earth that John has been shown. In this Book Jason used his Clairaudiant abilities to follow John's experiences as he traveled the tunnel and entered into heaven as a prophet of the future as the earth moves into deeper alignment with the Divine Nature. Now Jason has joined John on the other side with Kahlil Gabran. However, his books continue to be an inspiration to thousands of people around the world. Jan has also carried on with their wonderful Flower Essences channeled from Archangel Michael through Jason when on Earth. These are designed to align us to our Divine Nature to experience more peace and Heaven on Earth. 

Books by James Bush (Zen)  
James or (Zen) has also been one of my closest friends since 1990 and was my partner in Mystic Journeys a Travel Adventure Company we founded together to network healers and teachers on the Islands to provide Mystical Journeys and healing experiences while on vacation. Zen is also an extraordinary writer and hIs latest book is Called How the Rich Stay Richer. His former book Beware of Rich Friends that he has written was Based on the true life experiences of Zen, a modern mystic hired by an heiress of one of America's wealthiest families, to protect her from those who adopted her as a child and this story tells of the many unusual adventures he went on. This book is also on Amazon on the Link below

New Age Music

Michael AngelOh
Michael AngelOh lives on Oahu and has lived in the Hawaiian islands for some 30+ years. Michael is the author of 8 books on subjects ranging from Acupressure Massage, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Meditation and the Healing Arts. Michael is also a composer and has produced a number of Hawaiian Music albums. These days Michael lives and writes somewhat seclusively about Hawaii Island Life, Hawaiian Music and the Healing Arts. Feel free to link to his Articles from your Blog, Website or Social Page. He will always respond in kind as well. As you can be listed in his Link referral program. Michael has been another very dear and close friends since early 1980's. His site offers Hawaiian Music that is native to the Hawaiian Islands.

His site provides a variety of Hawaiian Music including; Hawaiian Rock, Pop, Soul and Jawaiian Reggae Music. Check the Hawaii Weather forecast as you listen to Free Hawaiian Music Downloads on this link. It is an Hawaiian websites network offering over 8,000 Free "Downloadable Hawaiian Music Samples", Hawaii MP3 Songs with over 500 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole MP3 Downloads. Open 24/7 for you're listening pleasure. Be sure to visit his site with gift Items from Hawaii and around the World. Michael has also opened a wonderful Angels Love Gift Shop or the Hawaiian Angel Art Gift & Photo's Gallery. Michael is also a writer and has his book available on Amazon.com called the Sun Yoga Body Book.  

Soundings of the Planet
Soundings of the Planet was founded by my dear friends Dean and Dudley Evenson. We met in 1973, through a mutual friend that I traveled with to the Sundance that year in South Dakota. We lived together and performed at Town Hall as an opening act for Sun Ra, doing the Dance of the Planets. In 1979 Dean and Dudley formed the group Soundings of the Planet and went on to create their own record label. They have produced numerous albums creating a whole new genre in music, to affect positive social changes and inspire peace. Truly innovators and pioneers of our times and outstanding musicians and visionary's.  

Om at Last
Lost at Last is a great band for going into trance. You will get lost in another world and time. Truly enchanting. Om is one of the founders and band members. He is one of my dearest friends since 1986 and helped in the birth of my daughter Mika and cut her cord at birth. He was born in Johannesburg South Africa and traveled the world. He is truly, an exceptional musician, visionary, and shaman healer. Lost at Last, music reflects the mystery and magic of many cultures from around the world. Truly innovators of unique styles. Together the members of Lost at Last formed a great blend of awesome music to inspire peace. They will take you on a mystical inner journey, for mini vacations into other realms. Get Lost at Last, CD's for an inner exploration of always unfolding mysteries. You will be glad you took the journey, for blissful awakenings. Although CD'S from Lost at Last are still available, Om is releasing a new album Om at Last, you must check it out for trance dancing and meditation.  

Erik Berglund
Erik was an International Recording Artist and Healer who shared his gifts throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and South America. Having performed in places such as Machu Pichu, the Great Pyramid, Glastonbury, and his home, Mount Shasta, California, he worked with the Earth's sacred power spots to awaken the Earth, through his celestial music. Erik was on numerous television and radio programs and his music is distributed throughout the world. Erik's harp music is definitely straight from heaven. I first met Erik in Mount Shasta in 1988 when he was staying with my dear friend Aeoliah. He was truly an inspiration in my life. There is no doubt he was a Angel messenger of Universal peace. His music is truly a heavenly journey. Eric also has many CD's as well as great links to Many Healers and Healing products, other Writers, Artist and Musicians, Workshops, Environmental Companies and more. My dear friend Erick passed on September 2nd 2013. His music will live on eternally and his spirit continues to shine brightly on us all. For those of us blessed to have known him; we were touched by an Angel. 

Stephen Halpern
Stephen Halpern is an award winning composer and recording artists and one of the earliest pioneers in using music for healing and sound therapy. His music has helped many people achieve deep relaxation and inner peace. I first met Stephen around 1983 at a Yoga seminar with Charles Muir where I worked as the Massage Therapist for the workshop and got to use Stephens own music in my session with him. I often used his and Aeoliah or Erik's music and others as a Massage Therapist to aide in deeper relaxation. Stephen has sold more than 6 million units of various tapes and CD's over the years and continues to be an inspiration to many in using sound for healing. Stephen also has many great links of various authors, Whole Life Expo's, Recording Studio's, Crystal Singing Bowls and More. A great resource Site to see.

Craig Pruess: Heaven on Earth Music
Craig Pruess is a one of a kind musician and composer with an International profile. He was nominated for a Grammy award in 1983 for his musical arrangements and nominated for films such as "Bend it like Beckam", and "Bride and Prejudice". "It's a Wonderful Afterlife", "What's Cooking?" and "Bhaji on the Beach"); he is a world music producer, performer and musician of the (sitar, keyboards and African percussion) and often arranges international acts. 

His original music CD's are sold in over 100 countries. He was born in America but settled in the UK for many years. He is most known as a renown composer, songwriter, concert and session musician, modern and orchestral arranger/conductor, gold & platinum record producer, sound engineer/sound designer and innovator of the internationally known "Sacred Chants" series of music CDs. Many writers, directors and famous inspirational thinkers have used Craig's music in their work: Ekhart Tolle, Anthony Robbins, Shiva Rea, Deepak Chopra, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Byron Bays, just to name a few.

Craig Pruess is one of the few composers trained and steeped in three major musical traditions of the world: such as Indian classical and fusion music. I first connected with Craig through our mutual friend Hal Uplinger who was one of the greatest peace workers of our time. Hal Uplinger was the main Producer for arranging all the satellite up-links around the world for the Live Aide Concert and he did many Global concerts of that nature. Hal emailed Craig and I separately perhaps around in 2007 and told us to connect with each other. We shared many illuminating ideas over many emails and he sent me beautiful CD's that really made me feel like I was in Heaven on Earth. Sadly, our dear friend Hal Uplinger past on, but the impact for peace he made on the earth was miraculous and truly an inspiration to anyone who met him. 

The Art of Living is also a organization designed to generate great peace for millions around the Earth. You can link to it from Craig's site as he has also assisted with this group for a global service project for enriching the lives of people everywhere. It is a non-profit educational organization run entirely by volunteers who freely dedicate their time, energy and resources to spreading the teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation. Numerous courses are offered that promote spiritual growth and self-development. These courses, offered to all people of every race, religion, and backgrounds to provide practical skills for reducing stress, strain, and worry from everyday life, and aim to nurture the experience of love, peace, joy and enthusiasm in our lives. For people in prison, suffering with Aides, in poverty stricken nations, victims of abuse and after natural disasters, The Art of Living coordinates events to be there for people when they most need loving support and physical, emotional and spiritual care.

Robbie and Judith Gass
Are wonderful musicians with a number of CD's that are designed to open your heart and lift your spirits. I met Robbie and Judith when I was the massage therapist at a Charles Muir Workshop in Maui and they offered their workshop on Opening your Heart in 1983. They are gifted Therapist and do private sessions and give amazing workshops on Loving Relationships and Concerts. So this is a site you should check out and benefit from their many healing gifts.

Visionary Artist and Musicians

Aeoliah has also been one of my very dearest and oldest of friends for so many years since 1978. He is one of the greatest visionary artist, insightful writers and incredible musicians of our times. His Music will definitely bring you great inner peace and his art work will take you into another world. His book "Awakening Your Inner Light" is inspirational and insightful as he takes you through his own personal journey of awakening his own inner own light. His website is such a vision of heaven, that you will be sure to be illumined the minute you click in and Aeoliah also networks with many visionaries artists and healers.

To view some of the most powerful visionary art of our time, check out this site. I highly recommend it. Ki's images are filled with joy, inspiration, love and harmony. His art captures the essence of the soul. It is filled with the mystery and revelation of life. Ki's comprehension of light and form reveal the mystical component living within the simplest moment. The colors are so vivid and alive you will want to bask in the splendor of their beauty. The other links on this site are truly awesome as well, representing a wide variety of some of the prophets of peace in our era. I met Ki in Maui in around 1991 and was even blessed to care for Excalibur painting for a time in my home. Truly a very delightful and Zen human being who radiates peace through his presence.

Video, Art, Film & Special Effects 

Ken Jenkins
Exquisite visionary videos and special effects. Ken Jenkins is an extraordinary artist and friend since the late 80's and truly a pioneer in his field. For video and special effects that take you into a visual, sound, light, journey through heavenly realms, spend some time here. Ken's site inspires universal peace to me, and is sure to illumine your imagination, too. Some of the greatest masters of art in our times are on this site, as well as musicians. A great link to Iasos. Iasos and Ken provide numerous interesting links on this site to inspire peace on the planet. Ken also helped do some special effects on Shirley MaClaine's video Inner Workout

Shirley MaClaine
Shirley MaClaine has a great web site for wonderful healing and educational DVDs, CD's, Books and Many awesome products, She also has a great Radio show on interesting subjects and causes to contribute to a more peace filled world. 

Workshops & Channels

The Stargate Experience
The Stargate was entrusted to and created by Prageet in 1989 on Maui, Hawaii, following information given to him by his guide, Alcazar. I met Prageet in 1986 when I was working on my own peace project, that he helped me with. His work is truly phenomenal and I was thinking about him after many years of loosing contact I decided to google him and I was elated to see how much his work has evolved and continued, so I decided to do a link that includes up coming workshop schedules and more about the Stargates he has created. Check out his site for a great network of spiritual friends, workshops and activities for peace around the world.