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  • Osalina Berman M. H. began training in vegetarian cooking, nutrition, yoga and Herbology in 1968 at a Montessori School at 15 years old and then joined a theater troupe. She performed, helped write scripts and designed her own costumes. In 1974 - 1976 she spent two years in a wilderness Valley 13 miles from any roads living almost entirely off wild herbs and fruits and gardens she grew. While living in this Valley she learned many of the uses of plants for everyday living and studied a course given to her from the University of Hawaii on the Plants of Hawaii and how the ancients lived. She lived in a cave and house made from trees and plants.  

Osalina studied with many renown Doctors and Healers over the years and became a licensed massage therapist in 1979 and earned a degree as Master Herbalist in 1981 from the Emerson College of Herbology - See Link:  Emerson College of Herbology. 


Books and Services Offered

There are now five books available on Many online bookstores around he world and take a peek on Amazon.com starting with " The Holistic Medicine Chart Book" and then a series of Courses starting with Course 1:"The Alchemy of the 5 Elements - The Legend of the Beet Brothers" and  "The Alchemy of Foods and Herbs" - Course 2: "The Legend of the Beet Brothers" 

and "Alchemy of Foods and Herbs" Course 3: The Legend of the Beet Brothers from Beet the Beetnik to Buckley the Buckwheat"

I also published Flower Power: Over 1000 uses for Healing, Home, Food and Fun" This is a book covering many uses and recipes of over 200 flowers around the world. Go to my new website at www.abcpeace.info for more information 

Michael my partner works with me at times as a technical adviser and editor. He has an extensive background in video and film production since 1985. He is primarily a Sound man but also has extensive knowledge of production from script to screen. His objective is to contribute his knowledge and skills to projects that uplift and inspire peace in our homes, community and world. Michael's IMDb page is Michael Cottrell

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Currently I am revamping my site and have not yet created a blog or newsletter. However, I will begin to send recipes and poems on herbs and foods and ways in which we can improve greater health to body, mind and spirit or weight loss tips. If you are interested on being on my newsletter list contact me at osalinac.berman@gmail.co