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The Alchemy of the 5 Elements – The Legend of the Beet Brothers Course 1.

This Book is the first of a series in Holistic Health to teach Alchemy and the basics of The 5 Elements and the 5 Senses. It includes a series of imaginative stories called "The Legend of the Beet Brothers" as they first study in the College of Alchemy for Plants to learn how to heal humans. In this Alchemy College they learn the history of Alchemy and study with the Elemental Guardians to learn about the 5 Elements and the organs, glands, systems, senses and emotions related to each element. These Guardians are Solar the Sun King, Edena the Earth Mother, Watson the Water King, Airey the Air Angel and Ester and Ethen the Ether King and Queen. They also learn which foods and herbs bring balance to these systems and the 5 tastes and sense related to each element. Next they learn from the Nature Spirits about 4 of the other of the 5 Senses in healing.

This story teaches Aroma Therapy from Frances the Fragrance Fairy, Textures and Temperatures affects in healing from Tolima the Touch Teacher, Sound and Music Therapy from Marinda the Musical Muse and Color and Shapes as applied to healing from Ray-Anna the Rainbow Fairy. This Course includes charts on all of these elements and senses, poems, a puzzle, quiz and many recipes for delicious dishes, natural homemade body and household cleaning products, science projects, toys and fun things to make from from all natural foods and plants. After the Beet Brothers Graduate there are 12 more Courses to study from as we follow the adventures of the Beet Brothers in the "Alchemy of Foods and Herbs" to learn from over 500 plants their healing benefits throughout the 12 courses.

"The Alchemy of Foods and Herbs" - The Legend of the Beet Brothers" 

Edition: Course 2: Abbie Abuta to Beezy the Bee Pollen Queen
This Course is part of a 12 course series and is a continuation of my series of stories on the Beet Brothers. Course 1: which began as "The Alchemy of the 5 Elements" as the Beet Brothers study in the College of Alchemy for Plants; to learn from the Elements and Nature Spirits about the 5 Element Theory and the 5 senses relationship on how to heal humans. After graduating Course 2: "The Alchemy of foods and Herbs" begins as they travel around the world interviewing plants and trees for this continuing series. This course covers 55 trees or plants including Acidophilus, Agate and Bee Pollen. The characters start from Abbie Abuta and go to Beezy the Bee Pollen Queen in this Course. This book is full of story, poetry, humor, history, geography and holistic healing sciences about each plant. It also includes many culinary and medicinal recipes as well as how to make body care products, household and garden things, and toys and fun things using the plants or trees of each course. It even includes numerous charts. The Charts are on the chemistry of herbs and foods from Acetates to Zinc with over 300 chemical constituents uses and herbs or foods containing them pertaining to these herbs and foods covered. It also has Charts on herbal properties from Absorbent to Zymotic, and Medicinal Uses from Abscesses to Zygomycosis, 5 Element Charts, Bach Flower Charts and Charts on Ayurveda and more.!!! This is part of a series with 10 more courses to come, covering over 500 plants and trees.

For a Peak inside this Book go to:
The Holistic Medicine Chart Book

Things to find in this book with over 100 pages of charts

Calorie, Fat and Protein in Food Charts
Nutrients and Vitamins from A – to Zinc Charts
no acids and Carotene's from Alanine – Zeaxanthin in Food Chart
Amino acids Benefits from Alanine – Valine Chart 
Carotene, Lycopene and Zeaxanthin in Foods Chart 
Nutrients Benefits from A – Zinc Chart
Nutrient Remedies from A –Z Charthart
Basic Daily Nutrient Needs Chart 
Calorie Allowances and Activity Chart

5 Element Theory and Taste Chart
Bach Flower Remedy Chart  

Medicinal Properties of Herbs and Foods Chart 
Remedies from A – Z by properties charts
Organs and Systems Property Charts 
Organs and Systems Herbs and Foods Chart
10 pages on all 5 Element Charts  
Aromatherapy and Music Charts
Textures and Temperature Charts
Shapes and Visual Clue Chart
The 7 Ray Color Healing Chart 
Adverse Reactions 
Quizzes and ideas

Holistic Medicine Crossword Puzzle  
Nutrient Menu Charts  

Daily Nutrient Needs Count Charts
Measures and Weight Comparisons
Biography of Author

Available on
Create Space

  “The Holistic Medicine Charts”

There are ten pages on "Chinese 5 Element Theory" displaying the relationship between organs, glands, emotions, senses, taste, systems of the body of— Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. Chinese Medicine is an ancient science. Chinese mystics realized that the body, like nature, is composed of the 5 elements. Having a greater understanding of each part of your body's anatomy and how it relates to each of the 5 elements and your emotions/motivations— gives you deeper insight on how to bring balance to each area of the body. These charts provide the detailed nutritional value and insight that allow you to understand which foods and herbs can help you restore your health. This approach truly helps you to balance your own bodies needs each day, for your own optimal health and peace.

"The Holistic Medicine Charts" are designed as quick & easy reference guides to overall health and balance. The full set of 15 double-sided fully laminated charts include information on the 7 chakras' relationships to color, gems, the endocrine system, and the senses of sight, smell, sound and touch. As well as "Vitamins and Nutrients from A to Zinc" and "Nutritional Remedies from A to Z" and are sold in series of 5 charts for each set - the full set has all 15 charts. There is also a set of charts that can be purchased of 5 charts at a time that is on "Organs and Systems Herbs and Foods" These chart sets are great for stocking stuffers, gifts, get well cards, place mats, workshops or for clients. Purchase a Chart Stand for your kitchen and use them on a daily basis as you collect each set.

These unique charts can be purchased as 5 separate sets.

Item# 1: The Sunrise set: consists of a magenta chart that covers one page on the 7 Chakras with the organs, gland and systems of each color chakra and relationship to, emotion, motivation and location, the gems connected, herbs and foods and nutrients related to that color chakra. The other side of this chart is an Aromatherapy chart that covers the 7 chakras primary organ and gland, emotion and motivation with various aromatic oils of plants, trees, fruits or flowers for each chakra. It also has a Music Therapy Chart that covers, notes, instruments and music styles as related to each chakra. There is a orange chart that covers visual shapes and clues found in foods related to the 7 chakras and the nutrients founds in those foods. 

On the other side of that orange chart page is a chart on textures and temperatures affects on healing. This includes heating, cooling, moisturizing, drying and scrubbing foods affects on healing or potential adverse affects in specific conditions. There is a Nutrient set that goes with this of 3 Charts and 2 charts are covered by Four pages titled "Vitamins and Nutrients from A to Zinc" covering general nutrient usage and needs, common ailments due to lack of specific nutrients, and the food sources for various nutrients. The "Nutritional Remedies from A to Z" chart has front and back pages covering the specific nutrients needed to rebuild and balance particular ailments from Abscesses - the Zygomatic Bone. I call this set the Sunrise set as it has a Magenta, Orange and 3 Yellow Charts in the Nutrient Set. Magenta, Orange, and 3 Yellow - contains 5 charts. = $25.00 

Item# 2: The 5-Element Set: The 5 Element Set has a chart on each Element. The Fire Element is in Gold, the Earth Element comes in Green, The Air Element in Pink, the Water Element in Blue and the Ether Element in Purple. Each Element Chart is double sided. One side covers the organs, glands, systems, sense organ and taste as well as emotion and motivation of that element. It gives a brief description of the function of each organ, gland and system as well as sense organ and taste and how it relates to that specific element. The other side has herbs and remedies for the organs, glands, systems and sense organ related to that element and broken down to building, cleansing, heating, cooling, etc... to achieve the balance needed for each of those organs, glands and systems related to each of these 5 Elements Charts. Gold, Green, Pink, Blue and Purple - contains 5 charts. = $25.00

Item# 3: The Rainbow Set: This set includes the entire Rainbow with a Combination of the Sunrise set, the Chakra color, aroma and music magenta chart, the orange visual clue and textures and temperatures chart, the 3 yellow charts on Nutrients from A - Zinc and Nutrient remedies A - Z, as well as the 5 Element Charts on each element in gold, green, pink, blue and the purple chart and you save $7.00 in shipping and handling fees. This is comprised of the Sunrise set - Magenta, Orange, 3 Yellow from the Nutrient Set and the 5 Element Set of Gold, Green, Pink, Blue and Purple - 10 Charts. = $50.00 

Item# 4: The Lavender Series: contains 4 charts on "Foods and Herbs from A - Z and "The Alchemy of Healing" Chakra's and Color Healing,  Aroma, Textures, Taste and Temperatures, General Cooking tips and lists 168 foods and herbs front and back. Each food is listed by its characters name from "Annie Acidophilus - Zen the Zucchini" as well and the color and relationships of motivation/emotion and organs glands and system to each element. The 5th chart in this set covers herbal remedies in how to make salves, cough syrups, poultice, suppository and bolus, tinctures, herbal oils, liniments and teas on one side of this chart and on the other side is exercises on the 7 endocrine glands and how to make an herbal first aide kit. Includes 5 Lavender Charts = $25.00

Item# 5: The Organs ans Systems Herbs and Food Chart: is a chart on all the organs, glands and systems of the body that includes herbs and foods and even some recipes for the entire body, including nails, skin, eyes, ears, nose and mouth all included as a quick reference guide on one double sided chart.  This chart must be purchased in sets of 5 as well as it requires a great deal of work having charts made for each order and going to the post office, etc...  so a 5 chart minimal order is necessary. However, we are currently selling these charts at Antigone Books, Aqua Vitae, The Food Conspiracy and Govinda's Store in Tucson for $6.99 sold individually. They make great gifts and so buying 5 at a time gives you 4 gifts for any occasion to friends or family or use as place mats. Must purchase a minimum of 5 Charts = $25.00

Item# 6: Complete Set: contains 16 charts, 5 charts from the sunrise set which includes the magenta on chakras, colors, gems, aromatherapy, music therapy. The orange chart on visual clues in foods, textures and temperatures. The 3 Yellow Charts "Vitamins and Nutrients from A to Zinc" and "Nutritional Remedies from A to Z", the gold, green, pink, blue and purple on the 5 elements, the 5 Charts in the lavender series above and 1 chart on the Organs and Systems for a total of 16 charts. By purchasing the whole set together, you save over $14.00 in shipping and get one free Organ and Systems chart.  This Set includes 5 from Sunrise Set, 5 from The 5 Element Charts, 5 from The Lavender Series and 1 free " Organs and Systems Herbs and Foods" for a total of 16 Charts = $75.00

These laminated Charts are great for your school or practice or just for great gifts. You must order a minimal of a set of 5 charts. You can make your payment via the pay pal account. We will confirm by email when they are mailed. You should receive charts within 3 – 14 days of your order. For larger orders prices will go down according to order. We also have great Fund Raiser packs for any School or Charity you wish to support, so contact us if you are interested for pricing and fundraiser packs. We plan on having a blog to participate with to learn about holistic health and up and coming products, services, projects and events. If you are interested in helping to create a line of toys or a t.v. show with the characters you can let us know on our site or blog or contact Osalina

Item 7: Fundraiser packs: contains an instruction manual on how to organize your Fund Raiser and many ideas for doing fundraisers. 16 charts, for 1 full set. This allows you to show as a sample to your group what each chart looks like. This kit also includes order sheets to make copies of, our liberty bill coupons to give with receipts to make copies of and 100 additional charts for a minimum order. These charts you can select after purchasing the first set.

The first set of 100 has
Magenta Chakra charts = 15 Charts
Orange textures, temperatures and visual clues charts = 15 Charts
Yellow Nutrient 3 sets of 3 = 9 Charts
5 element charts - 5 sets = 25 Charts
Lavender Series 4 of the 4 charts = 16 charts
Lavender Series chart on how to make various herbal remedies, first aide kit and Internal exercises = 10 Charts

Organs and Systems Herbs and Foods = 10 Charts

These you get for $3.50 a chart and each chart can be sold for $7.00 - $10.00 retail individually, so your charity makes between $3.00 - $6.00 per chart sold. You can also sell these yourself at this price, if you have a store you can order at this cost or split profits with a school or charity. Each time you re-order you must purchase a minimum of 100 charts per order. This kit
also comes with an instruction manual for how to use this kit for Fund Raisers and many ideas. Total Costs $406.00 plus shipping

Melaleuca is also great because they have everything you need for body care and household. We purchase all our soap, shampoo, dish and hand soap and even dishwasher soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, laundry soap, cleaning supplies, sports drinks, and candy bars as well as a number of other items and nutritional formula's and their products do not pollute the environment. They also have great compensation plans, when you refer other customers and connect other people to your network. The costs for these products offers great savings from most any store you buy from and they are delivered to your doorstep. You are not polluting the environment when you use these products either. If you are interested in purchasing product from either of these companies or would like to become a member either for discounted products or to refer others call me at 520 - 881 - 8857 and leave a message or Contact me on this site and I get back to you as soon as possible.



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