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Osalina Berman and Michael Cottrell are the co-founders of ABCpeace.
The vision for ABCpeace is in the creation of a place where like minded spirits can come to find healers, counselors and products for health and peace. Osalina Berman M. H.  offers her services as a Master Herbalist for Herbal Nutritional Counseling. Osalina's Holistic Medicine Charts and books provide educational materials that facilitate personal and planetary healing and inspires peace on Earth.

Osalina's most currant Books available for purchase are Course 1:  "The Alchemy of the 5 Elements" - The Legend of the Beet Brothers" and The Holistic Medicine Chart Book"  Osalina just published a new book "The Alchemy of Foods and Herbs - Course 2: The Legend of the Beet Brothers". this is the 2nd Course in my Legend of the Beet Brothers 12 Course series as the Beet Brothers travel the Earth interviewing plants and trees for their history and many uses and explore ways in which all living beings help each other heal.  If you are interested in Ayurvedic Herbs go to Maharishi Ayurveda.

As a team Osalina and Michael have both worked in the healing arts as well as the creative arts for over 30 years networking with other like minded artist and healers. At ABCpeace you will find a wide range of artist, musicians, educators and healers that will definitely inspire more peace and if looking for a great Sound Man for any movie or television projects go to Lucky Ol Sun and give Michael a call.

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ABCpeace - More Peace will B, the more peace we C

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I have designed a series of courses in Holistic Health to teach the basics of Holistic Health Practices. My course begins with my book "The Alchemy of the 5 Elements" that includes a series of imaginative stories called "The Legend of the Beet Brothers" as they first study in the College of Alchemy for Plants to learn how to heal humans. In this Alchemy College they learn the history of Alchemy and study with the Elemental Guardians to learn about the 5 Elements and the organs, glands, systems, senses and emotions related to each element. They also learn which foods and herbs bring balance to these systems. Next they learn from the Nature Spirits to learn about the 5 Senses in healing. Such as Aroma Therapy from Frances the Fragrance Fairy, Textures and Temperatures affects in healing from Tolima the Touch Teacher, Sound and Music Therapy from Marinda the Musical Muse and so forth.

This Course includes charts on all of these 5 elements and senses, poems, a puzzle, quiz and recipes for many dishes as well as science projects, homemade body and household cleaning products, toys and fun things to make from all natural foods and plants. After the Beet Brothers Graduate there are 12 more Courses to study from; as we follow the adventures of the Beet Brothers in the "Alchemy of Herbs and Foods". In this imaginative series the Beet Brothers travel around the world and through Osalina compose courses for humans to learn from over 500 plants throughout this 12 course series. Eating right doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, these Courses are packed full of colorful and flavorful recipes to make eating and cooking healthy, fun and flavorful. To go with this series is also my "Holistic Medicine Charts Book" with over 100 pages of charts on the specific amounts of nutrients in foods, amino acid charts, aromatherapy charts, 5 Element charts, Bach Flowers and so on. All the Charts are designed to teach you all the basics in Holistic Health easily accessed in charts.

I also have a series of Colorful Laminated Holistic Medicine Charts that can be used in schools and workshops or even as place mats that make great gifts and are perfect for Fund Raisers. My vision is that through providing educational courses using imaginative story and poetry; it allows for easier memorization of essential knowledge for healing ourselves and our earth. By introducing these concepts to children and adults having the plants and animals teaching us; it will hopefully sink in how truly interdependent we are with all life on earth for our survival as a species. The Charts or books for Fund Raisers could also be a way to support schools, and various charities or tree planting projects, etc.. sorely in need of funding. By using my courses you will learn how to create a unique plan designed just for you to bring greater health. My program consists of a balance of education for the body, mind and spirit. Together, we can replace bad habits as a planet with good ones. These programs are designed to uplift your spirit and bring you peace and happiness through fitness, good health, and mental clarity. This site also provides links to friends that can provide greater peace through books, movies, music, flower essences and more.

ABCpeace - More Peace will B, the more peace we C


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